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The information and resources on the Northwest Indiana Families for Effective Autism Treatment (INFEAT) Website (The Site) are for educational and informational purposes only. Information provided through The Site should not be used as a substitute for care by a qualified Developmental Pediatrician, Pediatric Neurologist, Behavioral Psychologist, Behavior Analyst, Speech and Language Pathologist, Attorney, or other appropriate professional.

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Verbal Behavior Websites (goods, services, and information): - Jill Revere is a Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst. Jill consults with families and professionals who live or work with individuals with developmental disabilities, provides on-going behavior therapy to children, and operates a play-based behavioral program called "Fun for All". "Fun For All" is a social group designed for children with skill deficits and/or behavior issues. Children who don't succeed in other programs can blossom in this one! BLS hosts Fun for All on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 4:45PM to 5:30PM.

In Fun for All, we teach children to cooperate, attend, interact, communicate, play, wait, reference others appropriately, and much more! Behavior issues and skill deficits do not matter. This program is open to all ages who partake in at least 5.5 hours of ABA therapy a week.

Children will have fun while participating in, and learning from, activities in this play-based social skills group. All classes take place in BLS's gym, which is furnished with a trampoline, swings, a Wii, iPads, and tons of toys and games! We allow potential clients to participate in a free trial class, if available, to see if you like it. - This website has scientific information on most therapies. - Places to look include: "Applied Behavior Analysis," "functional behavior analysis" and "the discrete trial." - This site contains a tremendous amount of useful information. Miss Burk defines the terminology used in AVB, gives suggestions on how to get started with your own program, and has a help line, message board, and a calendar of upcoming events and workshops. Much more... - Dr. Carbone is probably the most well known teacher/consultant in the field of AVB. His dynamic speaking style and well-documented success stories of children with autism are inspiring. Dr. Carbone offers a wide variety of workshops geared towards parents and professionals alike. He has more than twenty-five years of experience working with individuals with autism. - Dr. Patrick McGreevey’s website outlines the large array of consultative services and workshops he provides. Dr. McGreevey is an outstanding speaker who has been working with children with disabilities since the early 1970's. He opened his private practice in behavior analysis in 1995. Dr. McGreevey’s workshops usually contain detailed demonstrations of the application of Verbal Behavior. - "Dr. James Partington is co-author of "Teaching Language to Children with Autism and Other Developmental Disabilities" and two accompanying books, "The Assessment of Basic Language and Learning Skills-Revised" (also known as the ABLLS) and "An Essential Curriculum Guide and Tracking System for Children with Autism or Other Developmental Disabilities." Dr. Partington provides consultative services, conferences, workshops, and other training programs." - Steven Ward and Teresa Grimes are Board Certified Behavior Analysts who provide a variety of consultative services, conferences, and workshops. They believe procedures used to address one behavior are likely to affect other repertoires. Hence, you are rarely actually treating a single behavior, but are always treating the “whole child?

Steven Ward recently has published two books, "What You Need to Know About Motivation and Teaching Games" and the "Inventory of Good Learner Repertoires." Please see our Recommended Reading page for more information on these books and how to order them. - This is a free online service which provides descriptions and/or visual demonstrations to teach American Sign Language (ASL). - The Different Roads to Learning company sells numerous ABA-related materials and books, including the Verbal Behavior manuals. - Silver Lining Multi-Media sells software programs for use in teaching. - This company has an array of software programs which incorporate the principles of ABA and repetition to facilitate learning. - Formerly known as “Language for Learning”, this site has programs for children who are close to mastering the skills itemized in The ABLLS. - This website is for behavior analysts and people interested in going to quality ABA conferences. However, not limited to autism treatment. ABA has very broad applications. - This site provides information on other ABA degree programs available nationwide and online. Also, it gives information on how to get board certified as an Applied Behavior Analyst. - You may wish to join the verbal behavior and DTT-NET (discrete trial training - natural environment teaching) groups available here. - Dr. Mark L. Sundberg is co-author of the books Teaching Language to Children with Autism or Other Developmental Disabilities, The Assessment of Basic Language and Learning Skills: The ABLLS, and A Collection of Reprints on Verbal Behavior. Dr. Sundberg conducts conferences and workshops. He currently conducts research and consults to schools and programs in the San Francisco Bay area. You can find information here on The Verbal Behavior Milestones Assessment and Placement Program: The VB-MAPP. The VB-MAPP is an assessment tool, curriculum guide, and skill tracking system that is designed for children with autism, and other individuals who demonstrate language delays. - The Organization for Autism Research’s programs revolve around funding new research and disseminating evidence-based information in a form that translates the technical into layman’s terms for the non-scientific consumer.

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